Simply Delicious.


at THE CAMP - 2937 S. Bristol St, B102

Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Phone 714.922.6010




Taco Asylum is nestled in the heart of the hippie loving camp in Costa Mesa. The Tiny restaurant has just a few bar stools and bench seats, and reminisces of a taco shack in Mexico (except clean, and chic). The menu consists simply of nine carefully crafted tacos, boasting locally sourced, sustainable ingredients fill their homemade tortillas.

Their Beer Selection is impressive also, and instead of chemical filled colas, they offer funky fresh sodas, made with real sugar and (gasp!) no chemicals.


I loved it. Simple food, “taken up a notch” to quote Emril Laggasse. Simple choices make it a delight for the gastronomically inclined, and it will satisfy the itch for adventurous cuisine without breaking the bank.

  • Love it: Everything on the menu is unusually delighting, and so unique, you’ll want to try them all. Plus,  the tasty soda options are a fun alternative to iced tea.

Hate it: I really didn’t hate anything about it, but if I had to complain: I would have liked a few more options or sides on the menu, the beer marinated potato chips are fantastic, but  I would like to see a few more side options if I were to go for dinner.

Food: Was delicious. I ordered the mushroom taco, and the grilled octopus taco and tasted the Corazon, and pork belly tacos. Each Taco referenced a different food loving culture (Mediterranean, South Western, french). The concept is completely unique and I love the high end refined cuisine being brought back to the most basic of street foods: tacos.

  •  Best Dishes: The pork belly was amazing, the only taco on the menu with a decidedly Mexican flare, it was by far my favorite. The spicy, acidic marinated veggies were delicious with oh so rich and delicious bacon-y pork belly. Mmmmm.

My Order:
 The Mushroom taco was earthy and filling, without being to fatty or heavy. It was composed of a variety of different mushrooms, giving it more texture than I would have expected. The crispy chik-peas were a nice surprise.  While I love a homemade tortilla, the tortilla on the mushroom taco seemed a little thick for my taste almost tough. The Octopus Taco was light and perfect, the feta cheese, olives, and oregano married delightfully with the brine-y soft octopus meat.  

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